Films for the Forest Festival

Who should enter?

Everything from people who’ve never made a film in their lives to professional filmmakers are encouraged to submit short 30 second to 3 min films with a rainforest conservation theme.

Here’s a link to one of last year’s winners in the Narrative/Experimental category directed by Andrew Nelson and Rick Boyer.

What should the film be about?

This year’s specific theme is “Breath of the Planet,” and we encourage you to interpret this however you like. Get creative, make it funny, make it serious, make it your own!
• There is NO ENTRY FEE
• The 3-Minute Film Challenge winners will be streamed LIVE on the internet so that the whole world can witness the creative, proactive, and positive minds participating in the festival.

Last year’s successes

Last year’s festival was a giant success, bringing in over $10,000 in donations. In only three short weeks, RP received eleven films with submissions from four different countries. This year will only be bigger and better with over two months to submit films!

Get all the details about submitting, the festival and how else you can help us on our mission to save our rainforests at the Films for the Forest Website, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter!


~ by Paulo Rosa on May 9, 2011.

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