Identity, the Post-Human Body & Digital Practices

Yacov Sharir, University of Texas at Austin

Yacov’s ongoing investigation of future uses of the virtual body whether in performance and or in play, centers both on technologically-mediated interaction between a physical human/performer and computer-generated cyber human/performer/player. This analysis steps outside of a dance performance experience as aesthetic object per se and examines it as a visualization whose subject is the interaction of the virtual (perceived) and the real (physical) as categories by which we organize and describe experience. The data visualized is created in real-time by the visible interaction of human and computer generated-characters/performers. The abstract and elusive categories of ‘real’ and ‘virtual’ are modeled in the multi-sensory modalities of play: visual, sonic, kinesthetic, and perceptive. Visualization reveals and deepens the complexity of the interaction between the physical and the cyber counterpart.

► 11 April: FCT/UNL, Monte da Caparica, 14h00m, Auditório Leopoldo Guimarães (CENIMAT)
► 12 April: IST, Taguspark, Oeiras, 15h00m, Anfiteatro A5



~ by Paulo Rosa on April 8, 2011.

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