Innovation Forum on Services and Technologies for Interactive Media

Pavilhão do Conhecimento, Lisbon, February 24, 2010

The goal of the Thematic Network “Innovation Forum on Services and Technologies for Interactive Media (NET-STIM)” is to gather the expertise of Portuguese research centers, private companies and government agencies in order to place Portugal at the forefront of innovation in key interactive technologies and services for digital media.

The new information and communication technologies changed completely the way we interact with the physical, human and social environment. The majority of the technological developments in this are in the last 50 years are related with the way humans interact with technology, from the mouse and the graphical user interface to mobile and ubiquitous computing devices, multi-touch screens and context-aware applications. Therefore the technology changed completely the way we interact and produce different types of media, express ourselves culturally and artistically and relate to each other in the society or behave as citizens.

Although the technologies achievements are key, the major innovations are always related to the human side. Global phenomena like media distribution services (iPod/iTunes or eBooks/Kindle), social networks (Facebook and Twitter), and new co-creation services (like YouTube and Blogging) emerge from a deep understanding (sometimes unexpected) of the way humans use technology in their daily professional and personal activities.

These services require an interdisciplinary approach in which areas like design, communication, psychology, anthropology and sociology contribute in an effective and innovative way to create new products and services that could bring Portugal to the forefront of the global economy.

For this purpose, NET-STIM forum intents to gather contributions form the different knowledge areas to foster collaboration towards a innovation cluster of interactive services and technologies for digital media using the international partnerships with Carnegie Mellon University and UT Austin to bootstrap the process. Within the context of these international partnerships Portugal already provides several world-class graduate education and research initiatives with industry and several research groups from both sides of the Atlantic. The NET-STIM forum intends to increase the critical mass of students, researchers and companies in Portugal, therefore contributing to a larger social and economic impact. Events like this will happen yearly on the hosting institutions to present results of the research and technology transfer, together with dissemination material for the general public and key decision makers.

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